Gas Safety Inspections

There is a common misconception that after a gas safety inspection has been carried out there is a "CERTIFICATE" given to the responsible person at the end, this is not true.

After a Gas safety inspection has been carried out the responsible person at the end of the inspection will be given a Gas safety "REPORT".

Once the report has been written the tenant and landlord or homeowner may do as they wish.

A gas safety report covers all your home gas appliances, we charge on per appliance based structure rather than a blanket fee. We think this is a fairer system (some people may have an electric hob or communal boiler.)

What does Gas Safety cover?

Our primary concerns are Gas leaks which can cause explosions or suffocation and Carbon Monoxide / Carbon Dioxide entering the property which can cause poisoning and possible death.

Categories of of risk

  • NTCS (not to current standards) Could be updated to bring in line with current standards.
  • AR (At Risk) With the responsible persons permission we ask you to turn the appliance off.
  • ID (immediately dangerous). With the responsible persons permission we would isolate the appliance and make safe. If the responsible person refuses us to isolate the appliance and make safe we would call the national grid and they would disconnect the gas to the premises.


Not to current standards, NTCS

If a flue terminates from a wall under 2 meters high from the ground with no flue guard this would be classed as not to current standards. This is not considered not to be wrong however it is not correct . The appliance would still be deemed as safe to use.

At Risk, A.R (some thing that could happen)

A Gas fire passing all tests but has inadequate ventilation requirements.

Immediately dangerous, I.D

Gas leak.


Legal Requirements: Annually for landlords

Recommended: Annually for home-owners.


£55 plus VAT - for the first appliance.

Subsequent appliances -

  • Boiler/Water heater £55 plus VAT
  • Gas fire £45 plus VAT
  • Hob/Cooker £4 plus VAT

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