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For landlords looking after lots of properties life can be stressful enough, without the added worry about implementing gas legislation and keeping your tenants safe. We are Gas Safe registered (Gas Safe replaced Corgi in 2009), fully insured, professional and polite. Based in Hove we pride ourselves on giving landlords an exceptional service.

For no extra charge we can:

  • Arrange any property visits with your tenants or letting agent directly.
  • Collect keys if property vacant or tenant unavailable.
  • Email invoices and report.
  • Remind you when reports need renewals or services are due.
  • Gas Safety Inspections Open or Close

    A gas safety report covers all your home gas appliances, we charge on per appliance based structure rather than a blanket fee. We think this is a fairer system (e.g. some people may have an electric hob or communal boiler.)

    Landlords are legally required to have a Gas Safety Report less than 12 months old.

    We write the report onsite and you will receive a copy there and then, if you are not available we simply email it to you.


    £55 plus VAT - for the first appliance.

    Subsequent appliances -

    • Boiler/Water heater £55 plus VAT
    • Gas fire £45 plus VAT
    • Hob/Cooker £4 plus VAT

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  • Boiler Servicing Open or Close

    We recommend an annual boiler service for landlords covering the following:

    • Flue gas Analysis.
    • Gas rate of appliance.
    • Adjust gas valve if necessary.
    • Clean burner and heat ex-changer.
    • Check system water pressure.
    • Re pressurize system if necessary and bled all radiators.
    • Check expansion vessel pressure.
    • Re pressurize expansion vessel if necessary.

    Keep your boiler in great condition and prolong its life and efficiency.

    Priced at £80 plus VAT

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  • Boiler Installations Open or Close

    Get free expert advice on the best type boiler for your property. We can install many brands of boilers to suit a range of budgets.

    Did you know that legally new boilers must be fitted by a Gas Safe engineer? 

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  • Flues in voids (Fan draught boilers) Open or Close

    A flue is basically an exhaust pipe for your boiler, they often run straight out of the back of the boiler, through a wall and outside.

    If it has to travel through other rooms first, so via a wall, ceiling or floor (or any type of void), then its known as a Flue in a Void and subject to extra legislation and safety checks.

    This only applies to flues that have fans in them to push the exhaust fumes out, some do not have this and rely on natural ventilation and draughts.

    Along the length of the flue there now needs to be a way of checking the inside to make sure all is well, 30cm square (12") inspection hatches need to be fitted close to every join, not more than 1.5 m (60")

    That way subsequent Gas Safety engineer can make sure there are no Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases leaking around the joins.

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